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Dmitry Levitzky

Portrait of Ursula Mniszeck.

1782. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Dmitry Levitzky. Portrait of Ursula Mniszeck.

Mniszeck (also Mniszech), Ursula (about 1750 - 1808) - daughter of voyevoda (governor of a province in Poland) Jan Jakub (Jan Jacob) Zamoyski and Ludwika Poniatowska, sister of the Polish King Stanislaus (Stanislaw) Augustus Poniatowski. After her first marriage, her last name became Pototskaya, and in 1781, it changed to Mniszeck after she married Count Mikhail Mniszeck. She became a holder of the Order of St. Catherine in 1787, and a lady-in-waiting in 1797