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Dmitry Levitzky

Portrait of A. P. Melgunov.

1790s. Oil on canvas. The Pavlovsk Palace. Pavlovsk, Russia. Read Note.

Dmitry Levitzky. Portrait of A. P. Melgunov.

Melgunov, Alexey Petrovich (1722-1788) son of St. Peterburg's Vice Governor. He served as a chamber-page at court, and then was appointed aide to Grand Duke Peter Feodorovich. On December 28, 1761 Peter III made him Major General, and on February 1762, Lieutenant General. During the reign of Catherine II in 1764 he was appointed Governor-General of Novorossiysk province. In 1765, he served as a Senator, and in 1777 he became Governor-General of Yaroslavl province. In 1780, he was promoted to Governor-General of both Yaroslavl and Vologotsk provinces. Also in 1780, for the successful fulfillment of 'a delicate task' -- the transportation of the exiled Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (Braunschweig), Anthony Ulrich, and his family from Russia to Denmark -- he was awarded the Order of St. Andrew