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Orest Kiprensky

Portrait of the Poet V. A. Zhukovsky.

1815. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Orest Kiprensky. Portrait of the Poet V. A. Zhukovsky.

Vasily Zhukovsky (1783-1852) - Russian poet and translator, regarded as the founder of Russian romantic poetry; was the most popular poet in Russia in 1800-1820. His poems "Ludmila" and "Svetlana" were based on German medieval folklore, and gave rise to a fashion for the ballad. His elegies and ballads were a source of inspiration for many Russian poets. Zhukovsky served in the army, and later was the tutor of the heir for the Russian throne, future Tzar Alexander II. Zhukovsky was a close friend of Alexander Pushkin. He translated Byron, Schiller, Goethe and Walter Scott, among others, into Russian. Academician (1841) of the St. Petersburg Acamedy