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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Portrait of Count Nikolay Gouriev.

1821. Oil on canvas. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read Note.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Portrait of Count Nikolay Gouriev.

Count Guriev, Nikolay Dmitriyevich (1792-1849), the second son of the minister of finance, Dmitry Alexandrovich Guriev, and Praskoviya Nikolayevna, née Saltykova. He started his career as a military officer, participated in wars against Napoleon, had military awards. In 1816 he retired in the rank of colonel. In 1821 he started the diplomatic career, was the Russian envoy in The Hague, Rome, Naples; then he was the state secretary in the ministry for foreign affairs, since 1838 was privy counselor. Count Guriev was married, since 1819, to Marina Dmitriyevna, née Naryshkina. They had 3 children: son Alexander; daughter Yelena, married to prince N. N. Gagarin, and Olga, married to prince V. B. Chetvertinsky. Died on the 21st of February 1849