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Paul Gauguin

The Schuffenecker Family.

1889. Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France. Read Note.

Paul Gauguin. The Schuffenecker Family.

Schuffenecker Claude-Emile (1851-1934) was a colleague of Gauguin’s in 1871, they both worked in the agency of the stock-broker Bertin. In late the 1870s, he decided to become a painter. He earned a secure living as a teacher of art at the Lycée Michelet de Vanves. Supported his friend Gauguin morally (and until 1891, financially as well) and introduced him to other Impressionist painters, such as Guillaumin and Pissarro. His style is similar to that of Sisley. He never admired Gauguin as a painter