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Henri Francois Riesener

Portrait of Princess V. S. Dolgorukaya.

. Oil on canvas. 125 x 96.8. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Henri Francois Riesener. Portrait of Princess V. S. Dolgorukaya.

Dolgorukaya, Varvara Sergeevna (1793-1833), princess, née princess Gagarina, daughter of the Secret Councilor Prince Sergei Sergeevich Gagarin (1745-1798) and his wife, Princess Varvara Nikolayevna, née Princess Golytsina (1762-1802). She lost her parents early and was brought up and educated in Ekaterininsky Institute under a special supervision of the Empress Maria Fedorovna. After graduating, the princess was made a maid of honor to the empress. Prince Vasiliy Vasilievich Dolgorukiy (1787-1858) met her and fell in love while she was a student, but she refused him because she did not want to be the wife of a soldier. The prince retired from military service and entered the civil one, after that the wedding took place on January 7, 1812. The princess spent much effort for charity. She had three children: son Vasiliy, who died young and 2 daughters, Maria (1814-1869) who married Leo Kirillovych Naryshkin (1809-1855) and Varvara (1816-1866) who married prince Vladimir Andreevich Dolgorukiy (1810-1891), the famous governor-general of Moscow.
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