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Jacques-Louis David

Portrait of Marguerite-Charlotte David.

1813. Oil on canvas. 72 x 63 cm. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. Read Note.

Jacques-Louis David. Portrait of Marguerite-Charlotte David.

Marguerite-Charlotte David (1765- ), née Pécoul, daughter of a building contractor Charles-Pierre Pécoul;  David and Margueerite-Charlotte were married on 16 May 1782 in the church of St. Germain-l’Auxerrois, close to Louvre. They had 4 children: son Charles-Louis-Jules, born on 15 February 1783, son Eugène, born on 27 April, 1784 and twin daughters, Emilie and Pauline, born on 26 October 1786. After David voted for the death of Louis XVI in 1793, Mme David was so disgusted that she divorced him. The couple re-married in 1796.
“In Napoleonic Paris David and his wife were hardly a splendid or striking couple. The English novelist Fanny Burney called Madame David ‘a woman of no sort of elegance… and if she ever possessed any beauty, it had deserted her at an early period’, but in compensation she was clever, shrewd and penetrating, yet prone to sarcasm.”
See: Jacques-Louis David. Portrait of Marguerite-Charlotte David.
David. by Simon Lee. Phaidon. 1999