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Jacques-Louis David

Portrait of Pierre Sériziat.

1795. Oil on canvas. 129 x 95 cm. Louvre, Paris, France. Read Note.

Jacques-Louis David. Portrait of Pierre Sériziat.

Emilie Sériziat, née Pécoul, married to a lawyer Pierre Sériziat, was sister of David's wife, Marguerite-Charlotte David, née Pécoul. David stayed in their country house after he was released from the Luxembourg prison at the end of December 1794. The visit was stopped by the new arrest in May 1795. The portraits of Emilie and Pierre is a demonstration of gratitude and friendship. David showed the portraits at the 1795 Salon. He wrote: ‘Here is fodder for my enemies. I believe they will be forced to admit that at least I have not yet lost my talent.’
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David. by Simon Lee. Phaidon. 1999