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Carl-Ludwig Johann Christineck

Portrait of Agrafena Ribeaupierre.

1770s. Oil on canvas. Taganrog Art Gallery, Taganrog, Russia. Read Note.

Carl-Ludwig Johann Christineck. Portrait of Agrafena Ribeaupierre.

Ribeaupierre, Agrafena Alexandrovna  (1755-1812), daughter of General-en-chef A. I. Bibikov (1729-1774) and his wife, née Princess Kozlovskaya. In 1774, after Agrafena’s father died, Catherine II made the girl her lady-in-waiting. In 1778, Agrafena married, against the wishes of her mother, to a young officer from Switzerland, Ribeaupierre (1750-1790), called Ivan Stepanovich in Russian. Her husband entered Russian military service and was a brigadier and aide-de-camp to Grigory Potemkin; in 1790 he was killed in action during the Russian-Turkish war under Ismail.