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The Counts Tchernyshovs

Tchernyshov, Ivan Grigoryevich  (1726-1797) - Count, younger brother of Peter Grigoryevich and Zakhar Grigoryevich, son of Count Grigory Petrovich Tchernyshov (1670-1745) General-in-Chief; and his wife Evdokia Ivanovna, née Rzhevskaya, (1693-1747). After graduating from military school in 1741 was sent to serve in Russian Embassy in Copenhagen. Married a cousin of the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, Countess E. O. Yefimovskaya. Chamberlain from 1755. Chief Prosecutor of Senate from 1760. Catherine II gave him the rank of General-Lieutenant and appointed to Admiralty. In 1764, he was appointed the Commander of Fleet. In 1768-1770, was the Ambassador of Russia in London. Pavel I appointed him the President of Admiralty in the rank of Field-Marshal of Fleet in 1796. Died in Rome, buried in St. Peterburg.
His second wife was Countess Anna Alexeevna Tchernyshova, née Islenyeva, died in 1747.
See: Dmitry Levitzky. Portrait of Count I. G. Tchernyshov.
Stefano Torelli. Portrait of Countess Anna Alexeevna Chernysheva.

His son Tchernyshov, Grigory Ivanovich (1762-1831), Count, Ober-Schenk, was married to Elisabeth Petrovna Kvashnina-Samarina (1773-1828).
See: Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. Count Grigory Ivanovich Tchernyshov Holding a Mask.

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