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Nikolay Nekrasov


Nekrasov, Nikolay Alexeevich (1821-1877), Russian poet and editor; his first poems were published in 1838. From 1847 to 1866 he was editor of the leading review of the day The Contemporary, which in 1852 contained the first published work by Tolstoy Childhood, and also published Turgenev, Ostrovsky and other major writers. His second collection The Poems of Nikolay Nekrasov (1856) brought him great success. In 1857 he visited London to see Herzen. After the closure of The Contemporary by tsarist censorship he was the editor from 1868 until his death of the radical review Notes of the Fatherland jointly with Saltykov-Shchedrin. His major works are narrative poems The Peddlers (1861); Red-nosed Frost (62-3); The Railway (64); Who is Happy in Russia? (65-77); and Russian Women (71-72). Some of them are translated into English.
See: Nikolay Gay. Portrait of the Poet Nikolay Nekrasov.
Ivan Kramskoy. Nikolay Nekrasov in the Period of "Last Songs".

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