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Joachim Murat (1767-1815) French soldier and King of Naples, was born into the family of an innkeeper. During the French Revolution he entered the army, and soon became a colonel. He served under Napoleon in Italy and in Egypt, rose to be a general of division (1799), returned with Napoleon to France, and on 18th Brumaire (9 November 1799) dispersed the Council of Five Hundred at St. Cloud. Napoleon gave him his sister, Caroline, in marriage. In command of the cavalry at Marengo Murat covered himself with glory, and in 1801 was nominated Governor of the Cisalpine Republic. He contributed to the victories of Austerlitz (1805), Jena and Eylau; in 1806 he was made the Grand Duke of Berg, and in 1808 he was proclaimed King of two Sicilies as Joachim Napoleon. He took possession of Naples, though the Bourbons, supported by Britain, retained Sicily, and won the hearts of the subjects.
In the Russian expedition he commanded the cavalry, and indeed, the army after Napoleon left it. He crushed the Austrians at Dresden (1813), fought at Leipzig, and concluded a treaty with Austria and truce with the British admiral; but on Napoleon’s escape from Elba, he commenced war against Austria and was twice defeated. With a few horsemen he fled to Naples, and thence to France. After Napoleon’s final overthrow, he proceeded with a few followers to the coast of Calabria, and proclaimed himself king; but was taken, court-martialed and shot.
See: Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. Portrait of Joahim Murat.

Caroline Murat, née Caroline (called Marie-Annonciade) Bonaparte (1782-1839), sister of Napoleon, Princess of France (1804) Queen of Naples. She married Joachim Murat (1767-1815) and had 4 children by him: Prince Achille Murat,  Princess Letizia Murat,  Prince Napoléon Lucien Murat (1803-78),  Princess Louise Murat.
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