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Charles VII, King of France


Charles VII (1403-61) King of France, son of Charles VI (‘the Foolish’) whom he succeeded in 1422. He then held only the southern provinces; Paris and the north were in the hands of the English, who proclaimed Henry VI of England King of France. The first French victory over the English in 1426, at Montargis, was the turning point in the Hundred Years’ War. Joan of Arc roused the enthusiasm of both nobles and people and led successful battles; the English gradually lost all they had gained in France. In 1436 Charles VII entered Paris. He devoted himself to the reorganization of the government, and under his rule France recovered to some extend from her terrible calamities.Charles VII’s mistress and confidante from 1444 was Agnes Sorel. Madonna with the Child by Fouquet is believed to be her portrait.
The first royal portrait by Fouquet that has survived dates from 1447. Both as a part of history at a vital turn in the fortunes of France and as a stage in the development of new art, the picture remains unforgettable.
See: Jean Fouquet Portrait of Charles VII, King of France, Diptych de Moulin. Madonna and Child, .

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