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Jan Brueghel the Elder

Jan Brueghel the Elder
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Northern Renaissance

Jan Brueghel the Elder Biography

Because of his fondness of certain subjects and glowing enamel paint, Jan, the second son of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, was given the nickname “Velvet” or “Flower” Brueghel.

The first lessons he received from his grandmother, painter-miniaturist Mayken Verhulst Bessemers, who gave direction to his interests and technique, further developed by his teachers, including Pieter Goetkint and Gillis van Coninxloo (1544-1607). About seven years, 1589-1596, Brueghel spent in Italy: He worked in Naples (1590), Rome (1592-94), and then in Milan (1596) for Cardinal Federigo Borromeo, who became his patron.

Jan Brueghel the Elder 29 Most Important Paintings and Artworks

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