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Pieter Bruegel the Elder

'Dulle Griet' (Mad Meg).

c.1562. Oil on panel. Musée Mayer van der Bergh, Antwerp, Belgium. Read Note.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder. 'Dulle Griet' (Mad Meg).

‘Dulle Griet’ (Mad Meg). Griet was a disapproving name given to any bad-tempered, shrewish woman, about which there are many Flemish  proverbs: ‘She could plunder in front of hell and return unscathed’, ‘One woman makes a din, two women a lot of trouble, three an annual market, four a quarrel, five an army, and against six the Devil himself has no weapon’. Bruegel’s Griet and her companions are preparing to storm the mouth of Hell itself. The painter is thus making fun of noising, aggressive women.