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François Boucher

Sylvia Cures Phyllis of a Bee-Sting.

1755. 120 x 136 cm. Oval. Oil on canvas. Banque de France, Paris, France. Read Note.

François Boucher. Sylvia Cures Phyllis of a Bee-Sting.

This is one of four paintings commissioned by the duc de Penthièvre for the Hôtel de Toulouse (now the Banque de France), his townhouse in Paris. Boucher took his inspiration from Torquato Tasso's pastoral poem Aminta. This scene depicts Sylvia kissing Phyllis, who is reclining on the ground, to cure her wound. This was one of the two paintings in the series which were removed to the Château de Chanteloup in 1786. They were later seized by revolutionary authorities in 1794 and sent to the Museum of Tours