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Fra Bartolommeo

Girolamo Savanarola.

1498. Tempera on panel. Museo di San Marco, Florence, Italy. Read Note.

Fra Bartolommeo. Girolamo Savanarola.

Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498)  Italian religious and political reformer, born of a noble family in Ferrara. In 1474 he entered the Dominican order at Bologna. He opposed himself to papal authority, calling for purity of the Church, spirituality and asceticism. After the death of Lorenzo de'Medici, the Magnificent, a republic was established in Florence, Savonarola became its guiding spirit. He planned the republic to be a Christian commonwealth, of which God was the sole sovereign, and his Gospel the law. After the Medicis' return to power Savonarola was brought to trial. He was declared guilty and executed in 1498. His works are mainly sermons, theological treatises, some poems