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Aleksey Antropov

Portrait of Countess M. A. Rumyantzeva.

1764. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read Note.

Aleksey Antropov. Portrait of Countess M. A. Rumyantzeva.

Countess Maria Rumyantzeva (1699-1788), the daughter of Count Andrey Matveev, who was in diplomatic service during Peter I the Great's reign, she was well educated, after living with her father in Paris and London. In her youth she was very beautiful and graceful, which attracted Peter the Great. She was his mistress and her son, the famous Russian Field-Marshal Count Peter Rumyantzev, was probably sired by the Emperor. Peter I married her to his orderly Alexander Rumyantzev, whom he later sent to diplomatic service. Rumyantzeva, as well as her husband, held high positions at the courts of Elizaveta Petrovna and Catherine II. Her husband was made a count in 1755