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Victor Vasnetsov. The Frog Tsarevna. 1918. Oil on canvas. The Victor Vasnetsov Memorial Museum, Moscow. Russia. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Victor Vasnetsov. The Frog Tsarevna.
The Frog Tsarevna is a Russian folk-tale. Three sons of the tzar, wishing to find wives shoot arrows in different directions: the first sonís arrow fell in the yard of a nobleman, he married the noblemanís daughter; the second sonís arrow fell on a merchantís yard, he married the merchantís daughter; the third sonís arrow flew away to the swamps and was picked up by a frog. Of course it was an enchanted princess. After many dangerous adventures and a series of quests the youngest prince managed to change her into a girl again

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