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Vincent van Gogh

Portrait of Père Tanguy.

1887. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Read Note.

Vincent van Gogh. Portrait of Père Tanguy.

Julien Tanguy, a paint dealer, known to everybody as “Père” Tanguy, was a socialist by his political views. He participated in Paris Commune and because of this had to go into exile. The artists looked upon him as the hero and grand seigneur of their own utopian ideals. They bought all of their material cheaply from Tanguy, often on credit. He even had a small gallery in a side room. “Père” Tanguy can therefore be looked upon as a key figure in the Modernist Movement, since it was in his small gallery that artists such as van Gogh, Seurat, Gauguin and Paul Cézanne, who were later considered as the precursors of the 20th century, exhibited their works. By the end of his stay in Paris, Vincent had painted 3 portraits of  “Père” Tanguy