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Vasily Tropinin. Portrait of I. I. Dmitriyev. 1835. Oil on canvas. The Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Vasily Tropinin. Portrait of I. I. Dmitriyev.
Ivan Dmitriyev (1760-1837), poet, author, state official, son of Ivan Gavrilovich Dmitriyev and Ekaterina Afanasyevna, nee Beketova. Began his service in 1774 in Semenovsky guard regiment, in 1787 got the rank of lieutenant, in 1796 - of captain. Since 1777, was engaged with writing, published his works in 'Moscow Vestnic'. Retired in 1796 in the rank of colonel, but next year Pavel I appointed him the chief prossecutor of Senate. In 1799, he retired again, but in 1806 was again called for service, first as a senator and from 1810 as the Minister of Justice and a member of the State Council. In 1814, finally retired and wholly devoted himself to writing. His literary works made a remarkable phenomenon in Russian literature. See also his portrait by Dmitry Levitzky

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