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Valentin Serov. Portrait of Anna Pavlova. 1909. Pencil on paper. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Valentin Serov. Portrait of Anna Pavlova.
Pavlova, Anna Pavlovna (1881-1931), stage name of Matveyeva, ballet dancer. She was trained in St. Petersburg at the Imperial Ballet School, and became world famous. She performed in Russian Seasons in Paris since 1908; in 1910 organized a ballet company with which traveled with concerts though Europe, America, Asia. This drawing was executed as a sketch for a poster of Russian Seasons in Paris in 1909. Pavlova choreographed over a dozen works and did much to create the stereotyped image of the ballerina which persists today.
See: Valentin Serov. Anna Pavlova in the Ballet Sylphyde.

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