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Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel.

1859. Watercolour and bodycolour on paper. Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK. More.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Sir Galahad  at the Ruined Chapel.
Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel. Sir Galahad is one of the knights of medieval legends about King Arthur and his Knights.
Between dark stems the forest glows,
I hear a noise of Hymns:
Then by some secret shrine I ride;
I hear a voice but none are there;
The stalls are void, the doors are wide,
The tapers burning fair.
Fair gleams the snowy altar-cloth,
The silver vessels sparkle clean,
The shrill bell rings, the censer swings,
And solemn chaunts resound between.
        (From ‘Sir Galahad’, Alfred Tennyson).

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