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Fedor Rokotov. Portrait of Count G. G. Orlov. 1762-1763. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Fedor Rokotov. Portrait of Count G.  G. Orlov.
Grigoriy Grigoryevich Orlov (1734-1783), count after 1762, prince after 1763, favourite of Catherine II, the Great. One of the organizers of the palace revolution of 1762; played an important role in state affairs; had a son by Catherine II, Bobrinsky, was married to Orlova, Ekaterina Nikolayevna (1758-1781), nee Zinovyeva, daughter of N. I. Zinovyev and E. N. Senyavina; cousin and wife of count G. G. Orlov; maid of honor to Catherine II, since 1777 lady-in-waiting, she was given the order of Catherine, she died in 1781 in Switzerland

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