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Fedor Rokotov - Portrait of Count I. G. Orlov.

1762-65. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. More.

Fedor Rokotov. Portrait of Count I.  G. Orlov.
Ivan Grigoryevich Orlov (1733-1791) the elder son of the Novgorod vice-governor Grigoriy Ivanovich OrlovĀ  and Lukeria Ivanovna, nee Zinovyeva. After his father's death in 1746 he became the head of the family; all Orlov brothers looked upon him and respected him as father. He led a modest life and managed the Orlovs' estates. Even after the palace revolution of 1762, when the Orlovs became counts, then princes, and got enormous fortune, he refused any state career and continued to live in Moscow and the Orlovs' estates

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