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Joahim Patinir (also: Patenier) was born c. 1480 probably in Dinant, near Namur. No records exist about Patinir’s training and early work. In 1515, he was elected master to the Antwerp St. Lukas Guild. He is noted as one of the earliest painters to make landscape a main element of his compositions.
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Joahim Patinir. Landscape with St. Jerome. Landscape with St. Jerome. c. 1515-24. Oil on wood. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain. Read Note.
Joahim Patinir. The Baptism of Christ. The Baptism of Christ. 1515. Oil on wood. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria. Read Note.
Joahim Patinir. St. Jerome in the Desert. St. Jerome in the Desert. . Oil on wood. Louvre, Paris, France. Read Note.
Joahim Patinir. Crossing the Styx. Crossing the Styx. . Oil on panel. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.