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Sir John Everett Millais - The Boyhood of Raleigh.

1870. Oil on canvas. Tate Gallery, London, UK. More.

Sir John Everett Millais. The Boyhood  of Raleigh.
Raleigh, Sir Walter (1552-1618) English courtier, navigator and poet. Volunteered in the Huguenot course in France, and fought at Jarnac and Moncontour. In 1578, he joined a piratical expedition against the Spaniards; in 1580 he went to Ireland, where he suppressed the rising of the Desmonds in Ulster with ruthless savagery. He became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth.
Later suffered imprisonment, marriage to a beloved woman, voyages to Trinidad and Orinoco, was a governor of Jersey, was accused of treason, was sentenced to death, but instead was sent on an expedition to Orinoco, which was a failure. On his return to London was beheaded. Only fragments of his poetry survived

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