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Johann Georg Mayr

The Mars Field with the Rumiantsev Obelisk.

c.1796-1803. Oil on canvas. 76.5 x 117 cm. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read Note.

Johann Georg Mayr. The Mars Field with the  Rumiantsev Obelisk.

The Mars Field was a ground for military drills and parades. Behind the buildings is the Neva river, the buildings surrounding the field are: The Marble Palace (behind the obelisk) built by the architect A. Rinaldi, to its left is the service building of the palace, rebuilt by A.P. Bruloff. To the right of the obelisk is the Saltykov mansion, built by Giacomo Quarenghi, and further to the right, in the corner of the picture, the mansion of I.I. Betzky. The Rumiantsev Obelisk is devoted to the victories of the commander P.A. Rumyantzev-Zadunaisky and was erected by the architect V. Brenn in 1799. In 1818 the obelisk was moved to the Vasilyevsky Island, and the monument to Alexander Suvorov, by the sculptor M.I. Kozlovsky, was put in its place