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Edouard Manet

Portrait of Gilbert-Marcellin Desboutin.

1875. Oil on canvas. Museum of Art Sao Paolo, Brazil. Read Note.

Edouard Manet. Portrait of Gilbert-Marcellin  Desboutin.

Gilbert-Marcellin Desboutin (1823-1902), French painter, engraver, and poet. He came from a rich family, first studied law in Paris, but then switched to sculpture. In 1854-1870, lived in Florence as a painter. In 1873, settled in Paris: became acquainted with Manet and Degas. Took part in the second Impressionist exhibition, though he pained in almost Neo-Baroque style. In 1895 became member of the Legion of Honor. In 1900, won the grand prize at the Paris World Fair