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Fra Filippo Lippi

Fra Filippo Lippi
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Early Renaissance

Fra Filippo Lippi Biography

Fra Filippo Lippi is one of the most important successors to Masaccio. In 1421, he entered the monastery of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence and was able to observe the decorative work in progress in the Brancacci Chapel. He used this experience in his first work, the frescoes in the cloisters of the monastery (1432), now only surviving in fragments, with their plastic figures and individual facial expressions. His Madonna Enthroned (1437), is, in her clear articulation, reminiscent of Masaccio’s alterpiece in Pisa. In the 1440s, complex movements and a restless treatment of drapery are discernible The Annunciation (c.1442).

Fra Filippo Lippi 18 Most Important Paintings and Artworks

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