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Dmitry Levitzky - Portrait of G. K. Levitzky, Artist's Father.

1779. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. More.

Dmitry Levitzky. Portrait of G. K. Levitzky, Artist's Father.
Levitzky-Nos, Grigory Kirillovich (1697-1769) father of the painter, an artist and engraver himself. He was born in the village of Mayachky in Poltava province, to the clergyman Kirill Stepanovich Nos. He Studied in Poland and in the Kiev theological academy. Between 1752 and 1757, he created engravings for ecclesiastic books, and worked as an editor for Kiev-Pechersk Lavra's printing house. After 1738, he became a clergyman. He died in his native village of Mayachky in 1769

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