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Orest Kiprensky

Portrait of D. V.(?) Davydov.

1809. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read Note.

Orest Kiprensky. Portrait of D. V.(?) Davydov.

Denis Davydov (1784-1839) general, poet and writer. He entered the army at the age of 17; during the war with Napoleon organized partisan regiments, which attacked the retreating French army. In poetry he created a new genre, his poems and verses were dedicated to the daring adventurous life of dragoons. Actually, the attribution of this portrait is not yet decided. Some art historians believe it to be a portrait of Denis Davydov's cousin, Evgraf Davydov. However, a copy of the portrait was kept in the country estate of Denis Davydov, and his descendants always considered it the portrait of their famous ancestor. See also his portrait by Alexander Orlowski