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Orest Kiprensky

Portrait of F. B. Rostopchin.

1809. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Orest Kiprensky. Portrait of F. B. Rostopchin.

Count Fedor Vasilievich Rastopchin (1765-1826), General Adjutant, Privy Councilor, the first count in the old noble family of Rastopchins. Son of captain Vasiliy Fedorovich and his wife, née Kryukova. Started his career under Catherine the Great, but did not reach high positions; attracted attention of Paul I, who made him General Adjutant on the first day of his coming into power. Retired and lived in Moscow after 1801. In 1810 Alexander I appointed Rastopchin the military commander of Moscow. Historians very differently evaluate his part on the post: some stated that he did his best to organize militia and defense of Moscow, others blame him for bad organization of evacuation of citizens and for fires in Moscow. In 1814 Rastopchin retired, traveled and lived in Germany and France. Married to Catherine Petrovna, née Protasova, who adopted Catholicism, which brought disagreement between the spouses; they had 2 sons and 3 daughters