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Cosmè Tura (a.k.a. Cosimo Tura)

Cosmè Tura (a.k.a. Cosimo Tura)
Life Dates
Early Renaissance

Cosmè Tura (a.k.a. Cosimo Tura) Biography

About the middle of the 15th century under the rule of Borso d’Este, Ferrara developed into a cultural center of the first order. An independent school of painting grew there, which stood in sharp contrast to those in Tuscany, Lombardy and Venice. Cosmè Tura, Ferrara born, was the first, most original, and best-known artist of the Ferrara school, introducing to the Este city a strange and totally unique style.

Cosmè Tura (a.k.a. Cosimo Tura) 10 Most Important Paintings and Artworks

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