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Grigory Gagarin Biography

(1810 - 1893)

        Prince Grigory Gagarin was born in 1810 in St. Petersburg in the family of Russian diplomat Prince G. I. Gagarin. He did not have a formal art education, but in 1816-1832 he lived in Italy with his family, as his father was the ambassador to Italy, and there he met Karl Brulloff, who became his teacher. In 1832-1839 Gagarin was in diplomatic service, in 1841-1864 - in military service. In the 1840s, he was in the South of Russia where Russia was fighting a war against the Caucasian tribes. His impressions of the war resulted in many paintings, such as Battle of Akhatle between Russians and Circassians  on May 8, 1841 (1841-1842), Trick Ridings of Curds and Tatars in front of the Fortress Sardar-Abbat in Armenia (1840s), Kakhetia. Karaagach. The Headquarters of Nizhegorodsky Dragoon Regiment (1841) and others. Gagarin was a very successful books illustrator, he also worked as an architect.

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Russian Water-colour in the Collection of Hermitage, Leningrad. Moscow. Iskusstvo. 1975. (in Russian)
Paintings of the 18th-early 20th centuries from the Reserves of the Russian Museum. by K. Mikhailova and G. Smirnov. Leningrad. 1982. (in Russian)

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