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John Singleton Copley - Mrs. Thomas Boylston (Sarah Morecock).

1765-66. Oil on canvas. Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. More.

John Singleton Copley. Mrs. Thomas Boylston (Sarah Morecock).
Mrs Thomas Boylston of Boston, mother of eight and a grandmother many times over. She was 70 at the time Copley made her portrait.
Nicholas Boylston, the eldest son of Mrs. Boylston was a quiet man who, like his father, became a successful merchant. Perhaps due to an early devotion to business, he did not attend Harvard, as most moneyed young Bostonians did, but he endowed the college generously. Unlike his Tory parents, he supported American independence.
Rebecca Boylston, sister of Nicholas Boylston.
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