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Francois Clouet Biography

François Clouet, French portraitist, was probably born in Tours, son of Jean Clouet. He was trained by his father, but little is known about either of their lives. François went to the French court at an early age, and after the death of his father, about 1540, succeeded him as court painter to Francis I. He continued working in that office under Henry II, who appointed Clouet valet de chambre and painter-in-ordinary; then worked for Henry II's sons, Francis II and Charles IX. Contemporary documents give evidence of his high reputation. His masterpiece, the Portrait of Elizabeth of Austria, is one of the finest examples of the period. Portrait of Apothecarist Pierre Quthe (1562) and Lady in Her Bath prove Clouet’s involvement with the Italian Renaissance. The painter may also have had contacts with the School of Fontainebleau.


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