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Vittore Carpaccio

Vittore Carpaccio
Life Dates
Early Renaissance

Vittore Carpaccio Biography

Neither the date of Capriccio's birth nor the date of his death are known precisely. This master was born in Venice c. 1455/60. His first known works, however, do not appear until 1490, the date on one of the canvases in the cycle illustrating the Legend of Saint Ursula for the Scuola di S. Orsola. The cycle was completed by 1495; the life and times of the saint are used as a pretext for an imaginary reconstruction of the 15th century Venice. This most famous group of paintings by Carpaccio with crowds of people in exquisite clothes and wonderful architecture in the background evokes the magical charm of the city.

Vittore Carpaccio 49 Most Important Paintings and Artworks

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