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Karl Brulloff. Portrait of the Secretary of State Piotr Kikin. 1821-1822. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Karl Brulloff. Portrait of the Secretary of State Piotr Kikin.

Kikin, Peotr Andreevich  (1775-1834) was one of 12 children of Major Secundus Andrey Ivanovich (1745-1790) and his wife Maria Feodorovna, née Yermolova. He was educated at a private boarding school in Moscow, and then went to study in the Moscow University. He started a career in the army, participating in the Napoleonic Wars. In 1816, he entered the civil service, he was a state secretary in one of the ministries, later becoming State Councilor. In 1820, together with prince I.A. Gagarin and A.I. Dmitriyev-Mamonov they organized the Society for Promotion of Artists, of which he was the bursar and patron; he was also a chairman of the department in Independent Economic Society and member of the Imperial Agricultural Society. He retired in 1826 as a senator. Kikin was married to Maria Ardalionovna, nee Torsukova; he had a daughter named Maria Petrovna (1816-1854), who later married prince D. P. Volkonsky.
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