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Alessandro Botticelli. The Story of Virginia. c.1496-1504. Tempera on panel. Accademia Carrara, Bergamo, Italy. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Alessandro Botticelli. The Story of Virginia.
The Story of Virginia. This is a story from Ancient Rome: the beautiful, virtuous Virginia becomes the victim of an intrigue of the decemvir Appius Claudius, and despite her innocence is to be condemned to a life of slavery. In order to avoid this disgrace, she is stabbed to death by her father. The event led to a revolt against Rome's tyrannical decemvirs.
See also: Filippino Lippi. Three Scenes from the Story of Virginia: Appius Claudius Stops Virginia; The "Decemvir" Condems Virginia to Slavery; Virginia is Killed by Virginius.

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