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Vladimir Borovikovsky. Portrait of Count P. A. Tolstoy. 1799. Zilberstain Private Collection Moscow, Russia. More. [Order a Print]

Vladimir Borovikovsky. Portrait of Count P. A. Tolstoy.
Count Peter Alexandrovich Tolstoy (1769-1844), Russian soldier and statesman. He was in active military service from his early youth and took part in several campaigns against Russia's long-time foe Turkey and against the French. He was praised by the famous Russian commander Alexander Suvorov for his bravery in 1794. He also served as a diplomat, notably as the Russian Ambassador at the Napoleonic court in the years 1807-1808. Tolstoy took part in fighting Napoleon's 1812 Invasion of Russia. He went on to participate in the Russo-Turkish War of 1829 and other campaigns

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