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Bernardo Bellotto

Bernardo Bellotto
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Bernardo Bellotto Biography

Bernardo Bellotto, pupil and nephew of Canaletto, had a highly successful international career. Canaletto, whose name Bellotto sometimes illegally adopted, especially during his stay in Poland, was his uncle on his mother’s side and had trained the young artist for many years. By 1738, Bellotto was already a member of the Venician Painters’ Guild. Still under Canaletto’s guidance, the young Bellotto traveled extensively in Italy. He went to Rome, Florence, Turin, Milan and Verona. In each city he left memorable images, giving a precocious demonstration of his ability to capture not only the architectural or natural features, but also the specific quality of the light in each place he visited. View with the Villa Melzi d'Eril. View of the Gazzada.Arno in Florence. Signoria Square in Florence.

Bernardo Bellotto 23 Most Important Paintings and Artworks

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