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Alexander Brulloff (Brullo until 1822, when the family name was changed according to Russian pronunciation) was a prominent architect, but also a very talented artist. Among others, he designed and built the following buildings in St. Petersburg: Mikhaylovskiy Theater (now Maliy Theater, 1831-1833), Lutheran Church of St. Peter and St. Paul (1833-1838), Pulkov Observatory (1834-1839), the Headquarters of Guard Corps on Palace Square (1837-1843). He was the elder brother of great Russian painter Karl Brulloff and was born in 1798 in St. Petersburg into the family of painters: his great grand-father, his grand-father, his father and his brothers were artists. His first teacher was his father Paul Brulloff. He attended the Academy of Arts' architect class in 1810 - 1820 and graduated with honors. Along with his brother, Karl, he was sent to Europe to study art and architecture as a pensioner of the Society for the Promotion of Artists.

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